Publisher villkor & regler

Please read the following user agreement carefully before registering yourself as a publisher at By participating as a publisher at, you accept the user agreement. If you do not accept the user agreement, you must not register or participate as a publisher at

This user agreement (“Agreement”) applies between Double AB, company organizational number 556940-1846, (“Double”) and yourself, (“Publisher”). In order to be able to use the service, you must accept the terms in the Agreement and become a approved Publisher. Please read through the Agreement carefully.


refers to the physical or legal person whom you represent, that is able to distribute Ads from Advertisers at Double.
refers to a company that run Programs at Double.
includes all types of advertising programs that Double may provide. Program refers to the tool that creates the possibility of cooperation between Advertiser and Publisher. There can be different types of Programs and they can be presented and function in different ways. A Publisher must accept the way in which each Program functions before using the Program.
refers to the unique viewing of an Ad. Stated commission for Impressions will be payable per thousand (1000) impressions.
is generated by the individual who clicks an Ad placed on the Publishers’s website and that lead to a Program.
is generated by the individual who is forwarded to the Advertiser’s website via Programs and who performs an activity in the form of a registration or similar at the website.
is generated by the individual who is forwarded to the Advertiser’s website via Programs and who generates an order on the Advertiser’s website.
refers to a text advert or a graphical advert.
refers to a collection of Ads that can rotate in an ad space. The Ads may be from different Programs and use different payment models. A Publisher can create his own ad spaces or choose from pre-defined ad spaces on Double’s website.
is a collective term for valid Impressions, Clicks, Leads and Sales.
“Invalid Traffic”
refers to Traffic that is erroneously or improperly generated. Read more about Invalid Traffic under the section entitled Traffic in the Agreement.
refers to your Double user account.
“Account balance”
refers to Preliminary, Approved and Available commission on your Account.
refer to people connected online via an internet device that visit a Publisher website, blog, newsletter or similar.
“Personal data”
means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.

The service

Double has developed and provides a service that makes it possible for you as a Publisher to receive payment for the advertising usage of space on your website for Programs. A Publisher is entitled to provide space on his website or in bulk e-mails for Ads and other types of link to the websites that are part of Double Programs. As a Double Publisher, ou can participate in Double’s Programs. A Publisher is given the opportunity of receiving performance-based commission when a Publisher generates Traffic to one of the Programs in which the Publisher participates. Type and quantity of commission is established by the Advertiser or Double and differ for different Programs. Programs are run and administered by Advertisers who purchase the service from Double.

Form of agreement and fees

Participation in Double as a Publisher is completely free of charge. Fees in the form of bank and/or transaction charges may occur when payment is made to the Publisher and the Publisher will be responsible for these. Read more about payments further down in the Agreement.

This Agreement does not impose that a Publisher becomes an employee of Double. A Publisher has no right to a period of notice, holiday pay or other remuneration while the Agreement is valid or in connection with the cessation of this Agreement.

Account and security

As a Publisher, you may have only one (1) Double account. In order to become a Double Publisher, you must complete the registration procedure by providing Double with the currently valid, complete and correct information that is requested on the registration form. Information provided must be correct, complete and reflect actual conditions. You must absolutely not pretend to be someone else. You need to be at least eighteen (18) years of age. For those who are below the age of eighteen, a power of attorney must give permission for the use of Double and be the account holder and the payment recipient. A Publisher is obliged to send immediate notification of changes concerning the information given to Double by updating Publisher information on Double’s website.

Publisher shall protect the username and password issued by Double and Publisher will take full responsibility for his own, and any third party’s, use of Publishers’s password and Account. Publisher is and remains solely responsible for all activities (including misuse) that take place through Publishers’s password or Account. Publisher undertakes to inform Double immediately if Publisher finds out about unauthorized use of Publishers’s Account or another crime against security of which the Publisher becomes aware. From time to time, Double’s (or its subsidiaries’) personnel may log into Publishers’s Account for the purpose of maintaining or improving the Service, which may include providing Publisher with assistance with technical questions. The Publisher is aware of and hereby approves such access.

If fraud or misuse via Publisher Account is suspected, Double may close down the Publisher Account. Publisher then loses all the money earned and the rights to use the service on Double. A closure decision is binding and it will not be possible to recreate the Publisher Account. If the Publisher Account is closed, Publisher is not entitled to open a new Account.

Publishers’s website

Publisher must state which website or websites, or other mediums of distribution, Publisher is using to publish Ads from Double. Traffic originating from websites or other mediums of distribution that have not been registered as appropriate may be denied as being Invalid Traffic.

Publishers’s website must not contain any form of pornography, violence, offensive or unlawful content. Publisher may not use Ads or other resources from Double in unsolicited bulk e-mails (known as spam), doing so is violating this Agreement and unlawful. Ads from Double may only be included in bulk e-mails where the recipients have subscribed of free will and have the option of unsubscribing. Publisher bears the sole responsibility for his website and for ensuring that the content thereof is compatible with applicable laws and statutes. Publisher also guarantees that no information or representations on Publishers’s website has led to the infringement of any physical or legal person’s rights, including intellectual property rights, and that such information and representations are not offensive, unlawful or can be questioned in any other way.

Double reserves the right to check the way in which Publisher uses Ads on his website. This involves creating an account on websites that require logging in or equivalent. Double may also demand that you as Publisher give Double’s personnel access to your website if so required to check the usage. If for some reason Double is unable to check Publishers’s website and is not given that ability in spite of a request, the website will be blocked from generating commission.

Double reserves the right to at any time block and remove a website from the Publishers’s Account if Double believes that the website is unsuitable. Publisher is not entitled to reintroduce the same website to Double. Double may also temporarily block a website from generating commission if said website generates Invalid Traffic or by other means violates this Agreement.


Double undertakes, within the framework of Double’s service, to monitor and register Traffic Program forwards to Programs. Double provides all tools and systems for the collection of data. Double may base its work only on the data that is obtained and displayed by Double’s system and no other. Double will not accept data from Publisher or a third party. By using Double’s services, you accept that Double handles all of the collection and reporting of data that Double’s system can read and process, and that this data forms the basis for commissions and payments.

Double retains the right to monitor Traffic with manual and automatic tools, and if applicable deem Traffic as being Invalid Traffic. No commission is credited for Invalid Traffic. Invalid Traffic includes the following:

  • Traffic that can not be traced back to the originating website.
  • Traffic from a website with unsuitable content or a website not registered at Double.
  • Traffic from a website which Publisher do not own or has the owners permission to provide advertising space on.
  • Traffic forwarded to Programs which Publisher has no active cooperation with.
  • Traffic from countries that are not included in the nationalities Program requests for.
  • Traffic automatically generated by script, spiders, bots, or equivalent.
  • Traffic originating from Ad no longer in usage or Ad that have been changed in a fashion not allowed.
  • Traffic generated with the chief intent to increase Publishers’s commission.
  • Traffic with the intent of fraud, such as false orders, registrations, and equivalent.
  • Traffic that in any other way violates this Agreement or terms set by Program, including all Traffic if in any way Publisher has violated this Agreement or terms set by Program.

Publisher that by intent or lack of responsibility participates in generating Invalid Traffic is violating this Agreement. Fraud is a serious breach of the law and will be treated as such. If Double regards that Publisher is attempting in any way to utilize and/or manipulate the service by generating Invalid Traffic, misusing advertising material or similar, in order to obtain more commission, Publishers’s Account will be closed down with immediate effect without forewarning, and no payments will be made to Publisher. Intentional generation of Invalid Traffic includes, but is not limited to, the following situations:

  • To force or demand that a visitor clicks Ads.
  • To use scripts, frames, iframes, programs or equivalent methods to generate Traffic.
  • To activate Ad clicks where the visitor has no intent in clicking that Ad.
  • To click Ads yourself, or ask others to click your Ads, with the intent to increase commission without there being any interest in what the Ad offers.
  • To manipulate Ads or Ad codes in a way that effectively changes the Ad content and/or function.
  • To in any other way intentionally generate Traffic that can be deemed as being Invalid Traffic, or in any other way violate this Agreement or the terms set by Program.

Program terms

Advertiser maintains the right to set terms for Publishers’s usage of Advertisers Program. These terms are valid in conjunction with this Agreement, a violation of terms set by Advertiser is equivalent with generating Invalid Traffic according to Agreement and may as such result in Traffic being denied and Publishers’s Account being canceled. Advertiser may at any time change the terms, including commission. Advertiser may at any time cancel cooperation with Publisher. In said cases, no notification prior to change is required, if Publisher do not accept changes in terms then Publisher must cancel cooperation. Traffic is subject to the terms, including commission, valid at the time Traffic occurred.

If a private agreement between Publisher and Advertiser is made so that said agreement is in conflict with this Agreement and/or terms set by Advertiser, then Advertiser shall notify Double in written concerning the agreements type and meaning. Private agreements that have not been notified to Double in an appropriate way is deemed invalid.

Publisher is responsible for finding out whether a Program changes commission, terms, direction or ceases. A Program may be changed or cease at any time. Publisher is responsible for the choice of Programs Publisher cooperates with through his account.


Double’s website indicates applicable terms for Publishers’s payment for each Program at any time.

Commission on Programs will be administered and can be changed by both the Advertiser and Double at any time. Commission is generated when Publisher reaches one thousand (1000) displays of an Ad (“Impressions”), when Publisher acts as an intermediary for unique visitors who click on Ads (“Clicks”), when Publisher acts as an intermediary for visitors who register on the Advertiser’s website (“Leads”) and/or when Publisher acts as an intermediary for visitors who purchase something from the Advertiser’s website (“Sales”). Several forms of commission may be relevant at any time. The form of commission that applies to a Program is shown by the Program’s presentation on Double.

For commission to be credited, Publisher must participate and be approved in each Program to which Publisher is linked. Publisher applies to Programs or chooses to have Programs allocated to Pools by Double via a setting on Publisher’s Account. If Publisher links to Programs that Publisher himself has chosen and for which the status has not been approved, Publisher will not receive any commission. All Traffic generated by Publisher must come from the website(s) that Publisher has registered on Publisher’s Account. If Publisher leads Traffic via websites that Publisher does not own, Publisher is not entitled to have this commission credited.

Commission may be withheld without forewarning by Advertisers or Double when errors occur in the system, when Publisher does not follow the Program’s terms (“Program Terms”), when Publisher places the Advertiser’s Ads on an unacceptable website of which the Advertiser or Double is subsequently made aware, when Leads or Sales are recalled by the Advertiser, when Double is in dispute with an Advertiser, when Double is not paid by an Advertiser, when Publisher attempts to misuse/cheat on commission or when Invalid Traffic is generated.

All collection data and statistics is managed by Double. Commission is paid based on statistics produced by Double and no-one else.

Account balance

Commission earned on an Publishers’s Account is listed under Account Balance and can have the status of Preliminary, Approved, Estimated or Available. Newly registered traffic is considered to be Preliminary, Approved or Estimated. Available commission has been paid to Double and will form the basis for the next payment. Publisher accepts that all commission regardless of its status may for various reasons be adjusted at the request of the Advertiser or if Traffic of other reasons is to be considered as Invalid Traffic

Double has no responsibility to inform Publisher if adjustments as mentioned above takes place, Double solely decides if Publisher shall be informed on adjustments to Account Balance.


All payments are made by Double, a Swedish company, in accordance with the Agreement. Payment will be made in Publisher’s local currency or in SEK if Double can not offer Publishers’s local currency for the time being.

Payments are made to Swedish bank accounts, including Bankgiro and PlusGiro. Payments to bank accounts in other countries than Sweden is performed via BIC/IBAN. Double offers payment via BIC/IBAN to a limited set of countries, Publisher is responsible to verify that payment to a country can be made and that the receiving bank account is available via BIC/IBAN. Publisher is charged for all transfer and receiving fees that may occur, which are subtracted from Publishers’s payment.

Payment can not be made until Publisher has earned a specific sum of money on Publisher’s Account that has the Available status. The total that must be achieved for payment to be made is shown on Publisher’s Account and depends on the chosen currency for Publisher’s Account. The Available status means that Double has received full payment for this from each Advertiser in whose Programs Publisher participates. Double can not make a payment that has not become Available. Payment is made on the 27th of each month provided that Publisher has given a complete name, company registration or personal identification number, address and bank information. The payment date may be adjusted by Double, which will be stated on Double’s website. If a payment can not be made, the balance will accumulate on Publisher’s Account until a payment can be made.

Publisher is fully responsible for supplying Double with correct and currently applicable payment information. Neither Double nor any of Double’s employees can be held responsible if Publisher gives erroneous information that leads to money being paid erroneously. Erroneous bank or contact information can have tax consequences and/or lead to Publisher not receiving his money. Double can not be held responsible for an erroneous payment.

Publishers who are physical persons and operating in Sweden will have their Swedish tax and social charges deducted at source. Publisher who is VAT registered must himself indicate this on his Account and indicate the valid VAT registration number (VATIN) to receive payment of Swedish VAT. Non-profit associations operating in Sweden that are not liable for tax shall send Double a certificate from the Tax Authority in writing certifying that they are tax-exempt associations. In other cases, tax and social charges will be deducted at source from payments earned if a VAT registration number (VATIN) can not be given.

No deductions will be made for Publisher who is not operational in Sweden. Then Publisher is responsible for finding out about and complying with applicable tax rules locally. Contact your tax consultant or the tax authority for advice on tax matters.

Double can not give Publisher tax advice. Publisher should always consult his tax adviser who can help by answering specific questions on which tax laws are applicable to you and/or your company.

Double will send control information to the tax authority concerning payments made. Double can not currently send out any receipt for control information or payment specifications. The information can instead be obtained and printed out from the Publisher’s Account.

Publisher accepts that Double has the right, without notice to Publisher, to do a write-off, or donate all the money on the Publisher Account which Double could not pay to the Publisher, due to the Account beeing inactive. An Account is considered inactive if the Publisher for a period of two (2) years, has not logged into the Publisher Account or has not received payments as a result of Double not having enough payment instructions. Publisher is alone responsible for keeping the Publisher Account active and always have the right payment instructions in the Account.

Ads and pools

Ads that are obtained through Double’s website belong to Double or Double’s Advertisers. The Ads are copyrighted and must not be changed, manipulated or improved without the issuer’s written approval. Publisher may place Ads anywhere on his website provided they do not contravene any of our other points in the Agreement.

Publisher can create his own Pools on his Account. As Publisher, you can also participate in Double’s predefined Pools where Double determines the Pool’s content and the type of commission and commission levels on the Ads in the Pool. By using Double’s predefined Pools, Publisher agrees with and accepts that Double determines the Pool’s content and pricing. Double can not be held responsible or liable for payment if Publisher thinks that Ads that have been shown in the Pool were unsuitable in any way.

Publisher information

If you have been approved for participation as a Double Publisher, we must collect certain information from you for tax purposes. Double requires personal information such as full name, address, personal identification number and bank information. The information is used by Double when making payment and when reporting to the Tax Authority. Publisher’s personal information will be available to Double (its subsidiaries) and authorities who may ask questions. Publisher consent to that Double publishes Publisher’s name and website, etc. on Double’s website in accordance with the Personal Information Act (according to Swedish law) and that Double may use information submitted for marketing purposes.

Handling of personal data and Publisher obligations

Publisher herby undertakes to comply with all applicable laws including General Data Protection Regulation.

Publisher may use Double’s services to advertise through Double’s affiliate network. This requires processing of Personal data. Double processes data on behalf of Advertisers. Double in tern appoints the Publisher as a sub-processor.

Publisher shall give detailed information to Visitors (also called data subjects) about the use of third party cookies and other tracking technologies in the Publishers privacy policy. The Publisher shall also give its users a detailed explanation how such tracking can be disabled. Publisher shall assist Double in fulfilling Advertisers obligations toward data subjects such as the right to correct and remove personal data.

Publisher shall only process Personal data related to this Agreement on behalf of Advertisers. Data subjects can be individuals who actively request to be redirected to the Advertiser’s website via Clicks. Data processed by redirects may be IP-number and/or cookie ID. Data processed by actions like Leads or Sales that were generated by the redirects might be order number and/or order value.

Publisher shall ensure that access to Personal data may only be granted to people who need such access to carry out their duties. Publisher also ensures that every person who has access to the Personal data covered by this Agreement, complies with this Agreement, and is in turn under obligation of confidentiality in a binding agreement with Publisher. Publisher shall only process Personal data in accordance with the instructions given by Double.

Publisher shall not transfer or in any way give access to Personal data to any third party without Double’s and/or the Advertisers written approval unless there is a legal obligation.

Publisher is responsible for the security of Personal data and that it is treated with confidentiality. Publisher has taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the Personal data covered by this Agreement.

Publisher shall immediately inform Double of any security incidents that may involve Personal data covered by this Agreement. In such a situation Publisher shall cooperate with Double to gather relevant information, try to solve the incident and help prevent further negative effects.

Publisher shall make sure that Double and Advertisers have the possibility to investigate that Publisher and/or Publishers sub-contractors follow this Agreement.

Publisher agrees to delete and/or destroy all Personal data covered by this Agreement when the Agreement is cancelled, terminated or expires.


If Publisher needs help or has questions concerning the Account, Publisher shall first and foremost read Double’s help pages. If Publisher does not find the information he is looking for on the help pages, Publisher can use Double’s contact form to contact Double’s personnel. The personnel will try to respond to all questions within 48 hours on weekdays. This may take more time if there is a heavy load. If there is already a response to Publisher’s question in Double’s help pages, our personnel may not answer Publisher’s question. Therefore always read Double’s help pages first.

News and updates

Double may at any time send you e-mails and ordinary mail with news and updates.

Limited liability

Double offers its services in their existing condition.

The Advertiser who procures Double Programs is himself responsible for announcements, commission, administration, implementing tracking codes and for ensuring that payment comes in on time. Double is not responsible for ensuring that Advertisers with Double Programs fulfill their undertakings in accordance with these Programs. Double can not be held liable for the Advertiser’s action. Double will not market Advertisers or their Programs in the media. The Advertiser himself is responsible for marketing his Programs without Double’s involvement or knowledge of where or how Programs are marketed.

Double is also not responsible in any way for arrangements that are made between Publishers and Advertisers.

Neither Double nor any of its employees are liable for errors on Publisher’s or Double website that lead to loss of data, technical faults, infringements, security errors, computer viruses or other hazardous software components or unexpected expenses from anyone other than Double as a consequence of or in connection with the use of Double’s services. Double will not be responsible in any way for any damage by which Publisher may be affected due to Double’s service or due to the use thereof.

Double will not be liable for your actions as Publisher. If you distribute our Ads on websites that may contain unlawful material or via unsolicited bulk e-mail (spam), Double has nothing to do with the case and can not be held responsible.

Double reserves the right that errors may occur when collecting and calculating data. Double endeavours to have error-free systems and maximum uptime on the Internet, but can not guarantee this, and Double can not thereby be held responsible should errors arise.

Double is not responsible for any errors in statistics or the calculation or collection of data and information.

Double is not responsible for the content of or the wording of Advertisers’ advertising material and discharges itself from all liability for damage that may affect Publisher or a third party as a consequence of the use of such advertising material.

Publisher is fully and solely responsible for the choice and positioning of adverts on Publisher’s website. Double is not responsible for ensuring that Ads and links to Publisher’s website are correctly implemented and function in the manner indicated.

Invalidity of the regulation

Should any regulation in the Agreement or part thereof be found to be invalid, the other terms will remain valid. The invalid term must be replaced with a term that corresponds insofar as possible to the lawful meaning of the invalid term.

Interruption to operations

Double will not be liable for damage that has been caused to Publisher by the latter not gaining access to Double’s services in accordance with the Agreement due to an interruption to operations or other disturbances in Double’s computer system or in other communication between Publisher and Double that has been brought about by a third party.

Double reserves the right, without the obligation to pay compensation, to carry out maintenance work and suchlike to all of its services that are linked with Publisher and that may limit Publisher’s access to the Service.

Changes to the service

Double is always entitled to modify, change or remove or stop full or parts of or all of its services under the Agreement. Publisher will be informed of such action by e-mail or through Double’s website. Double reserves the right to amend the Agreement at any time. Where Publisher is not prepared to accept the action, Publisher is entitled and obliged to stop using the service.

The account holder’s liability

Publisher is liable vis-à-vis Double for damage that arises through neglect or as a consequence of crime or unauthorized use of Double’s services, including the dissemination of material belonging to Double. Publisher undertakes to indemnify Double, its board, employees and contractors for any claim, liability or other cost (including solicitor’s fees) that may arise should anyone raise a claim against Double or its Advertisers due to the content of Publisher’s website. Publisher shall also indemnify Double for any other damage that may affect Double due to Publisher’s utilization of or influence on the service, technical problems or data losses caused by Publisher, as well as due to Publisher having given Double incorrect information.


Publisher may not fully or partly transfer or mortgage his Account or the Agreement without Double’s written consent.

Copyright and ownership

All rights to systems, Programs, methods, documentation and similar are owned and held by Double. The Agreement gives Publisher no copyright or license whatsoever concerning the service or software. Publisher is entitled only to use Double’s service according to the conditions specified in this Agreement..


Publisher must not give out information concerning Double’s business or operating conditions to outsiders whom Publisher finds out about in connection with or with reference to this Agreement or the services provided by Double. This secrecy undertaking applies also after the Agreement has ceased unless otherwise prescribed by applicable Law.

Publisher may not in any way give out incorrect or misleading impressions of Double which can be reflected negatively on Double or deteriorate Double’s reputation or in any other way harm the goodwill which is associated with Double’s name or brands. Publisher is aware that this is a essential breach of the Agreement and that Double can proceed with every possible legal and reasonable action against Publisher, including immediate withdrawal of Publisher’s Account or cancelation of the Agreement.

Validity of the agreement

The Agreement is valid as of the time when you are approved as Publisher until the Agreement is canceled or terminated. Double is entitled to cancel the Agreement with Publisher and block Publisher from Double’s service where Double judges that Publisher or the content of the latter’s website is unsuitable or in some other way fails to fit in with Double’s strategy, Publisher runs unlawful operations, Publisher attempts to generate Invalid Traffic, Publisher does not apply valid laws, Publisher generates no Traffic for six (6) months in succession or if Publisher does not comply with the Agreement. Publisher can immediately cancel the Agreement and cease to use the service at any time. In the event of cancelation, the Agreement immediately ceases to apply and no payment will be made to Publisher. When the Agreement ceases to apply, Publisher is no longer entitled to use Double’s service. The content of this Agreement supersedes all previous written or verbal communications between Double and Publisher.

Statutory and applicable law

Double is a Swedish company and runs its service from Sweden. Double will not be responsible for ensuring that the service is permitted in countries other than Sweden. If Publisher is from a country other than Sweden, Publisher is solely responsible for ensuring that the use of the service is compatible with the law in that country. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Sweden. Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of, or in connection with, this Agreement, or the breach, termination or invalidity of the Agreement, shall be finally settled by arbitration in accordance with the Rules for Expedited Arbitrations of the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce. The place of arbitration shall be Gothenburg, Sweden. The language to be used in the arbitral proceedings shall be Swedish.