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DoubleSearch helps you find the best keywords for your business to maximize your traffic.

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DoubleSearch will handle both your on and off page search engine optimizing.

  • SEO is important

    Few companies question the importance of appearing at the top of search engines. In fact, many companies use Google as their main channel to attract more visitors and new customers. You can influence the ranking on search engines by working with so-called search engine optimization (SEO).

  • Relevant content

    By creating a well designed website with relevant content you increase your chances to appear at the top of Google search results. If you manage to get other sites to link to your website, you can climb even higher. The work is obviously time consuming and you have to know what you are doing. This is where in cooperation with our sister company DoubleSearch can help you!

  • Advanced algorithm

    Google and other search engines obviously want their search results to be as relevant as possible. Each search engine has an advanced (and secret) algorithm that analyzes websites and their links online to calculate and generate a search result. This is called an organic search result and should in theory be sorted descending by relevance based on the keywords used.

  • Search engines are smart

    Search engines have become better for each year. In the beginning it was easy to trick search engines into placing a website at the top of search results by for example repeating keywords in your site title or writing lots of text and keywords in the same color as the website's background (so it would be invisible). These methods do not work today. Now website owners must focus on actually creating websites that are relevant and genuinely useful to their visitors if they want to appear at the top of Google.

  • On- and offpage optimization

    To succeed in the optimization work you must work with website structure and content. You must also work with links from external websites. These two areas of search optimization are called onpage and offpage optimization.

  • Onpage

  • Onpage optimization involves structuring the website in an easy to use way and filling it with relevant information so that search engines recognize the quality of the website. Important things to consider can be to include keywords in the text (not too many times), write texts of suitable length, use html formatted titles such as h1 and h2, avoid duplicate content, add keywords to images and avoid script languages. There is an endless list of things you must consider in order to create a website that Google and other search engines like and rank at the top of search results.

  • Offpage

    Offpage optimization involves trying to get as many relevant external websites as possible to link to the website. The larger the website and the more relevant the information is (in relation to your own website), the higher the search engines rank the links. This is not just about spreading lots of irrelevant links. That would only create a short-term effect and may even create negative effects in the long term.